Node JS: Advanced Concepts

Node JS: Advanced Concepts
Get advanced with Node.Js! Learn caching with Redis, speed up through clustering, and add image upload with S3 and Node!

Go beyond the basics of Node!  This course will give you the skills needed to become a top Node engineer.

Query Caching with Redis? You will learn it.  The Node Event Loop**? Included.  Scalable File Upload? **Of course!

This is a must-take course if you work with Node.

**Node Internals: **Here’s one of the most common interview questions you’ll face when looking for a Node job: “_Can you e__xplain Node’s Event Loop?” _There are two types of engineers: those who can describe the Event Loop and those who cannot!  This course will ensure that you are incredibly well prepared to answer that most important question.  Besides being critical for interviews, knowledge of the Event Loop will give you a better understanding of how Node works internally.  Many engineers know not to ‘block’ the Event Loop, but they don’t necessarily understand why.  You will be one of the engineers who can clearly articulate the performance profile of Node and its Event Loop.

**Caching with Redis: **We’ll also supercharge the performance of database queries by implementing **caching backed by Redis.  **No previous experience of Redis is required!  Redis is an in-memory data store purpose built for solving caching needs.  By adding caching to your application, you can decrease the amount of time that any given request takes, improving the overall response time of your app.

File Upload: There are many resources online that offer suggestions on how to handle file upload, but few show a solution that can truly scale.  Hint: saving files directly on your server isn’t a scalable solution!  Learn how to leverage AWS S3 to implement file upload that can scale to millions of users with a few dozen lines of simple code.  Plentiful discussions are included on security concerns with handling uploads, as well.

**Continuous Integration Testing: **This is a must have feature for any serious production app.  We’ll first learn how to test huge swaths of our codebase with just a few lines of code by using **Puppeteer and Jest.  **After writing many effective tests, we’ll enable continuous integration on Travis CI, a popular - and free - CI platform.  Testing can sometimes be boring, so we’ll use this section to brush up on some advanced Javascript techniques, including one of the only legitimate uses of ES2015 Proxies that you’ll ever see!

Here’s what we’ll learn:

I’ve built the course that I would have wanted to take when I was learning to Node. A course that explains the concepts and how they’re implemented in the best order for you to learn and deeply understand them.

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