Hands on ASP .Net Core 2

Hands on ASP .Net Core 2
Learn to build Console, MVC, and Web API Applications in Windows, Mac, or Linux with the latest version of .NET Core

In this course we’ll explore the basics of building applications in .NET Core 2. This modern cross platform framework is gaining popularity fast, and we will learn this framework through actual building of applications.

Together we will install the tools we need to develop .NET Core applications, build several types of .NET core applications, and deploy them to a server.

In this course we’ll use Windows, OSX (Mac) and Linux to build our applications.

If this new framework is a mystery to you, this course will help you get up and running with .NET Core fast. We don’t cover a lot of theory and useless details here, we’ll build real applications and learn how easy and powerful this new technology can be.

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