Java EE Made Easy - Patterns, Architecture and Frameworks

Java EE Made Easy - Patterns, Architecture and Frameworks
Beginners Guide to Demystifying Architecture, Patterns and Technologies used in Java EE. Get the Big Picture of Java EE.

**Reviews : **85% Reviews are 5 Star or 4 Star. (25 Mar 2016)

“Excellent overview of all the technologies packed in java enterprise edition. It is for all who wants to startup Java EE training.”

_"Very useful in deciding which way you want to go when learning Java EE. _

Special thanks for mentioning which technologies are popular, which are gaining popularity and which are loosing popularity!"

_"I would strongly recommend this course to any one who would like to get a __quick overview of Java EE related technologies. The instructor did a __really good job in providing quality information with in a short span of _time."

“Great course. Really liked the presentation and the choice of topics covered.”

List of Jargons used in Java EE is Endless - JPA, JDBC, ORM, JNDI, EJB, JTA, DTO, VO, JAXB, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, AOP, Dependency Injection, Model 1 Architecture, Model 2 Architecture, Front Controller, Composite View, Intercepting Filter, Facade, Service Locator to name a few.

For a beginner, Java EE can be overwhelming. Objective of the course is to give a Big Picture of the Java EE. You will understand the Jargon, Specifications, Patterns used in Java EE. You will understand the basic architecture of a Java EE Application.

You will understand the evolution of Java EE Application Architecture:

  • Model 1 Architecture
  • Model 2 or MVC Architecture
  • Modified MVC Architecture using Front Controller

You will get an overview of Patterns used in the Java EE World - Grouped by the layer they are used in:

  • Front Controller
  • View Helper
  • Composite View
  • Context Object
  • Intercepting Filter
  • Domain Model
  • Facade
  • DTO/VO
  • DAO - Data Access Object
  • Service Activator

You will also be introduced to terminologies like JPA, JDBC, ORM, JNDI, EJB, JTA, DTO, VO, JAXB, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, AOP and Dependency Injection.

Get ready for a Roller Coaster Ride with Java EE.

Who is the target audience?
  • You are finding your feet in Java EE World
  • You are developing a Web Application with Java EE and you want to understand the big picture of Java EE
  • You hear a lot of jargon related to Java EE and You are curious to learn what they mean
  • This is NOT a Java EE for Beginners or 101 course. This course is about the big picture of Java EE.


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