TypeScript, Angular, Firebase & Angular Material Masterclass

TypeScript, Angular, Firebase & Angular Material Masterclass
Build Single Page Application(SPA) from Scratch using Angular 5. Learn basics of TypeScript, Firebase & Angular Material

Following is the Curriculum followed in this course:

  1. TypeScript, Angular Application Architecture and Angular CLI
  2. Angular Modules and Angular Components.
  3. Angular’s Component LifeCycle Hooks
  4. Dependency Injection In Angular
  5. Routing
  6. Services
  7. Directives
  8. Pipes
  9. Forms
  10. Custom Decorators
  11. Angular Material
  12. Firebase

TypeScript, Angular Application Architecture and Angular CLI

  • What is a Single Page Application

  • Why Angular

  • Types

  • Let, Const

  • Class, Interface

  • Fat Arrow Functions

  • Decorators Modules

  • What is Angular CLI and how to use it. Basic tasks (ng serve/build/test, ng generate component/service/directive/pipe)

  • Architecture of Angular Applications Built using Angular-CLI

  • Change Detection strategy (Zones) - Theoretical

Angular Modules and Angular Components

  • @NgModule
  • Angular Application Bootstrap Mechanism
  • @Component
  • Data/Property Binding
  • View Encapsulation
  • Inter-component Communication (@Input/@Output, Event Emitter)
  • Template variables (ViewChild/ContentChild)
  • Content Projection(ng-content)
  • Templates – will be covered as part of components
  • Metadata – basic overview
  • Lifecycle hooks
  • Order and triggering of each hook
  • Hooks specific to Components and Decorators

Dependency Injection(Providers)

  • Dependency Injection - Why?
  • Dependency Injection - As a design pattern
  • Dependency Injection - As a framework
  • Dependency Injection - What?
  • Injectors and Providers
  • Hierarchical Dependency Injection


  • Child routes
  • Route params
  • Route Guards - CanActivate, CanActivateChild, CanDeactivate, Resolve, CanLoad


  • Service as a singleton, data sharing.
  • HttpClient, HttpHeaders, HttpParams
  • Observables with Operators like map, subscribe, catch, retry etc
  • Subjects
  • Sharing data across Components using Service


  • Built In Structural Directives - NgFor, NgIf, NgSwitch
  • Built In Attribute Directives - NgClass, NgStyle, NgNonBindable
  • Building a Custom Structural Directive
  • Building a Custom Attribute Directive


  • Build in Pipes
  • Building Custom Pipes
  • Pure and Impure Pipe


  • Template Driven Forms
  • Reactive forms
  • Form Validations
  • Custom Synchronous form validations
  • Custom Asynchronous form validations

Custom Decorators

  • Metadata – deep dive
  • Building Custom Class Decorator
  • Building Custom Property Decorator

Integrating with Third Party Libraries

  • Material Design Bootstrap
  • Angular Material
  • Firebase
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn Angular
  • Anyone interested in building Single Page Applications
  • Anybody who wants to know Angular in depth
  • Anyone who wants to learn TypeScript, Firebase and Angular Material


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