Mastering ASP.NET and ADO.NET with C# $10 $100

Mastering ASP.NET and ADO.NET with C#

  • 2016-09-28
  • 0.707 K

ASP.NET is a web application framework developed by Microsoft that allows developers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and XML web services. ASP.NET can be used to create anything from small, personal websites through to large, enterprise-class web applications.

This ASP.NET course will teach client-side Web developers with C# experience the fundamentals of Web application site implementation using Microsoft ASP.NET. This course focuses on using the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET environment and the Microsoft .NET platform to create an ASP.NET Web application that delivers dynamic content to a Web site.

This course covers the following concepts referring to ASP.NET:

Building a simple web application

Introduction to Web forms

Authentication and Authorization

Handling State Management using ASP.NET

Configuring IIS and Application Pools

Validating a web Form

Page Navigation Techniques and preserving form Variables

Cookies and Session

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