Java Web Service Complete Guide - SOAP + REST + Buide App

Java  Web Service Complete Guide - SOAP + REST + Buide App
Make Own App + Develop Java Web Services with RESTful API and SOAP in just 1 week. JSON, Maven, JAX-WS

Are you interested in realizing the power of Web Services to bring applications running on various platforms and languages together ,but find the topic a little cryptic.

Do you want to build loosely coupled applications which are scalable and reusable but could not find a simple and easy to learn guide?

This course will simplify things with concepts and step by step implementations . By the end of it you will:

1. Understand the advantages of Web Services and their building blocks

2. Demystify the complex topics like WSDL and Web Services Design

3. Implement Top Down and Bottom Up Web Services

4. Learn about the various web service standards

5. Learn writing web services consumers and also a quick intro to test your web services using SoapUI

6. Use the WS-Security standard to secure your services

7. Master the REST web services concepts and design

8. Implement and test Secured REST Web Services

Who is the target audience?
  • Java Developers
  • JEE Developers
  • Students with Java background


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