Java Maven :101 Stop Building Java Programs the Hard Way!

Java Maven :101 Stop Building Java Programs the Hard Way!
Java: Secrets of Building and Managing Java and Java Spring Projects. Learn to use the Java Build Tool - Apache Maven.

For Java, Why do we need a Build Tool like Maven, when we have an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) ?

Doing a Java build in an IDE is OK “Only” when it’s a simple project, for a single developer but once you go beyond that things start getting complicated and you’ll need a build tool, such as Maven.

With complicated Java and Spring Framework projects you need to think about many more things. For example; other project dependencies, sharing code, version control etc…

Maven 101, is an introduction to the widely used Java Build Automation Tool - Apache Maven and is completely hands-on. The course is easy to follow and uses Maven from both the command line and through an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

You will learn how to install and set up the environment correctly, so you can use Maven from the command line and from the Eclipse IDE.

Learn how to use Maven in ‘Real World Java’ scenarios, so you can apply your new knowledge in ‘Real World Java’ projects, straight away!

Using examples you will learn about the Maven Repository, Plugins, LifeCycles, Customizing the LifeCycles and Transitive Dependencies, How to make the most of the Eclipse IDE and its m2Eclipse plugin to view and resolve project dependencies.

You will be up and running with Maven in only 4 hours!!


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