Learn DevOps: On-Prem or Cloud Agnostic Kubernetes

Learn DevOps: On-Prem or Cloud Agnostic Kubernetes
Using kubeadm, Rook with Ceph, Cert-Manager, Dex with Github and LDAP, Envoy and Istio, Calico, Vault, and Openshift

On-Prem or Cloud Agnostic Kubernetes is the third Kubernetes course in the “Learn DevOps: Kubernetes” series. If you don’t have basic Kubernetes experience, make sure you follow first the course “Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course”.

This course covers:

* Installing Kubernetes on-prem or on any cloud using kubeadm

* Use storage using Rook with Ceph

* Kubernetes Operators

* Use TLS certificates for your applications using let’s encrypt and cert-manager

* Authenticate your users using LDAP or Github using Dex and OIDC

* Use advanced networking features using Calico

* Setup and use PaaS with Kubernetes using Openshift Origin

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