Java New Features (Java7, Java 8, Java 9, Java 10 & Java 11)

Java New Features (Java7, Java 8, Java 9, Java 10 & Java 11)
Core Java Programming New Features Introduced In Java 7, Java8, Java9, Java10 & Java11 For Beginners & Professionals

This is the right course for you !!

This is the UNIQUE course where you will find all the important new features introduced in

All the above features you will get under a single platform.

Recently I attended many interviews. I observed that most of the interviewers are asking Java new features in the interview, then I started exploring Java new features, this journey of exploring Java new feature was very painful.

Then I decided that I’ll create a course to address the above problems**, especially for you!**

I’ve been reviewing code for a long time, and I observe many Java developers are still not using Java new features. If you are still writing the Java code using old Java style, it will give a very bad impression on your code reviewer, it clearly shows that you are not up to date.

Being a Java Developer, you must know the new features introduced in Java in different versions and write the Java code using these new features rather than writing the verbose code using the old Java style.

If you are a Java programmer and want to become a better Java Programmer then  I’m super excited to help you in this course.

_                                                                What are you waiting for?_

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