Big Data Internship Program - Data Ingestion-Sqoop and Flume

Big Data Internship Program - Data Ingestion-Sqoop and Flume
Complete Reference for Apache Sqoop and Flume

This course is a part of “Big data Internship Program”  which is aligned to a typical Big data project life cycle stage.

This course is focused on the Ingestion in Big data .

Our Course is divided into two part 1) Technical Knowledge with examples and 2) Work on project

Technical Knowledge

  1. Big Data ingestion’s concept and means
  2. Sqoop concept and feature.
  3. Good understanding of sqoop tools with arguments
  4. Flume concept and configuration
  5. Flume features: Multiplexing,Flume Agents,Interceptors etc .
  6. Understanding of different File Format supported by Hadoop

Project Part

  1. Get the access to our private GitHub repository
  2. Build the first part of Our Recommendation Book project using sqoop and flume


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